Rusne-Thijn DUO

“Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.”- Malcolm Arnold


Rusne Mikiskaite and Thijn Vermeulen started playing together in the autumn of 2013, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The essence of this duo is to play music for audiences in the way the performers perceive it, seeing the music through the eyes of Rusne and Thijn  – fun, various, mixed styled, accessible and entertaining.

In this saxophone-piano ensemble, the classical music tradition meets avant garde and jazz with influences from folk music around the world. Rusne and Thijn both enjoy virtuosity and challenges but always find delight in music making.

In the duo’s repertoire the listener can hear original pieces for saxophone (soprano or alto) and piano as well as arrangements, solo pieces for piano or saxophone, as well as saxophone-tape compositions. For Rusne and Thijn playing live music is a form of storytelling, interaction and a sincere bonding with the audience.


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